Congratulations to FrostFire for winning the Champion Malaysia Qualifier, and advancing to Shanghai

From: Writer: Time:2018-08-29

On August 19, the two-day eXTREMESLAND CS: GO Asia Open Malaysia Qualifier was concluded successfully. FrostFire stood on the top after the event, claiming the champion of Malaysia and advanced to Shanghai Asia Finals. On the first day of the offline open qualifier, FrostFire and MVP.Karnal were qualified among other 17 teams who also attended the qualifier. Which they had to gone against other 2 strong teams from online open qualifier CoVE Esports and Virtual Genesis.Anthrax. 


FrostFire was a known teams in the Malaysia scene, which they have also qualified for the Shanghai Asia Final back in 2017 as Fire Dragoon. However, FrostFire was taking a little much time to warm themslves up, and wasn’t having a good start at the final day of the tournament. First map was going against with MVP.Karnal on de_Inferno. It didn’t seemed like FrostFire were in their shape, and was under a losing strike. FrostFire tried their hardest, catching mistakes from MVP.Karnal at the last few round of the game, and pull it to Overtime. Which then FrostFire played on its full fire, and getting a winning score at the OT2. Lastly, FrostFire knock MVP.Karnal down to the losers bracket by winning 28:25; advancing to the winnings bracket going against CoVE Esports. At the first round of the tournament, MVP.Karnal didn’t pull it off, and lost 16:11 on de_Nuke against Virtual Genesis.Anthrax, and was eliminated. 


Second round of the tournament, when CoVE Esports first met FrostFire in this tournament, and was knock out by FrostFire 2-0 to the losers bracket, 16:8 on de_inferno, and 16:6 on de_train. And this putted CoVE Esports on the last resort and going against Virtual Genesis.Anthrax at the Losers Finals. On a BO1 setting, CoVE Esports pulled of a victory against its opponent, finished 16;7 de_nuke. CoVE Esports get another chance to fish FrostFire in the final.

The finals started off from de_train, and finished 13:16 to CoVE Esports, but then FrostFire pull off a 2 wins in a row, 16:4 on de_Mirage and 16:7 on de_Dust; making the tournament seen easy for them. Finally FrostFire claim the crown, and advanced to the Shanghai Grand Finals


After the match, media from Chain – Sina, interviewed FrostFire on their feelings and future plans.

Sina: Firstly, congratulations to FrostFire! How do they feel now?

FrostFire: They are certainly very excited! Being able to defeat an opponent as CoVE whose members are experienced, including players who once served for VG.Flash Gaming, Kaze, and Moxie who served in B.O.O.T Dreamscape, is a cheerful achievement. Though the match began in a tension with MVP.Karnal, they made timely adjustment. They have been preparing for this Asia Open Tournament for months, they deserved what they earned.


Sina: Next FrostFire will represent Malaysia taking part in the Finals of eXTREMESLAND CS: GO Asia Open Tournament in Shanghai in October, have your players had experience of international tournaments before? 

FF: Since 2016 we have been participating in some international tournaments. Only our newcomers may lack some experience but we believe that we will try our best in the finals in Shanghai.

Sina: Both MVP.Karnal and Virtual Genesis.Anthrax gave highly comments on FrostFire in the previous interviews, so, what do you think of these two teams?

FF: There are new blood into these two teams, too. They have a lot of potential, but they indeed need more time, and practice. If they can stick together for another half or one year, I’m sure they will be an even more threats to Malaysian CS: GO top teams.

Sina: Are your four teams familiar with each other? Have you ever practiced CS: GO toghether? Have you found some novel techniques of other teams today?

FF: We are all close friends because there are many players exchange in Malaysia where teams of CS: GO are unstable. But we didn’t practice together very often. We tend to practice with foreign teams from which we can learn more. 


Sina: Kaze is a veteran sniper, as good as some players in Europe and America. How do you feel competing with him

FF: As you said that Kaze did have a good grasp on timing, application of smoke props and position, but it’s us who won the game, so it should be us that who is stronger (proud face).

Sina: Are there any exercise plan before the Asia Finals in October? Are there any expectations towards the Finals?

FF Manager: The most precious treasure we got from today’s match is that we act more like a team, with good discipline and attitude. We will put more effort on techniques and team corporation in the following tournament. Last year we advanced to the Finals, too, but was eliminated in the group stage. We hope this year we could go further, at least to the top eight.

Sina: Do you know other Asian teams? Which teams do you want to compete with in the offline tournament?

FF: We will make contact with teams around the world in exercise. As for teams we want to compete with, teams from China like FG and 5Power may be among our list.

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