Team Overview of 2018 eXTREMESLAND CSGO Asian Open China Finals

From: 官方 Writer:eXTREMESLAND Time:2018-09-12

2018 ZOWIE GEAR eXTREMESLAND CSGO Asian Open qualifiers are carrying on irritably. Among these qualifiers, the finals of the Chinese Division—the championship division of two games, have attracted much attention. After the first round of auditions, CyberZen, 5Power, FG and Ehome these four teams successfully broke through to the offline finals in China. The four teams will compete in the China Finals on September 15-16 for two tickets to the Asian Finals!


Team Overview:CyberZen

CyberZen, formed by savage, tb, the former TyLoo player HZ, and two young players Monster and Viva, has been playing on front line of  CS:GO. In the 2018 DreamHack Stockholm station China qualifier, CyberZen successively defeated MAX, 5Power, Ehome and VG.FG and advanced to the final. But they unfortunately lost to TyLoo on the score of 1-2, came to runner-up and failed to qualify. In the SLI season 6 Asian qualifiers, CyberZen had strength all the way through, defeating many Asian powerful teams including Flash Gaming, MVP.PK, Ehome, BOOT, and advanced to the SLI League with TYLOO together. The results of CyberZen's two recent runner-ups have proved their strong competitiveness. It can be said that they have taken the second position of the domestic CSGO firmly.


In the games of eXTREMESLAND, CybenZen's path to the top of the pack fulled of twists and turns. In the two games of BO3, they all played to the third round, finally defeated their formidable rivals wNv team and New4 team and successfully advanced. Among these games, the third game against wNv came in overtime, and finally CybenZen achieved victory on the score of 19-16. Let’s expect their wonderful performance on this offline finals. 

The current team lineup of CyberZen


Team Overview: FG

At the beginning of the merger, VG.FG was called China's Dream Team, with five extremely outstanding players including cabbage, cy1, LOVEYY, Freeman and Zhoking. However, the record afterwards was not  so satisfactory. During the second stage of the competition in this eXTREMESLAND, VG Club and FG Club terminated the cooperation of CS: GO project, and VG.FG changed its name to FG. Due to the fact that the FG team maintained the original VG.FG lineup for a period of time after the dissolution, the quota for this offline match was assigned to the FG team.


As the champion team of the last eXTREMESLAND competition, the goal of FG team is undoubtedly to defend their champion. Recently, the FG team made personnel adjustments, recruited Ayaya from Eclipse, and enabled Artill as a temporary substitute. It is hoped that after this incident FG will still maintain the strength of the qualifiers and win tickets for the Asian Finals.

The current team lineup of FG: (the fifth person is Artill's temporary substitute)


Team Overview: 5Power

The longstanding professional team 5Power e-sports club has set up an international column since May 2017. At present, there are 3 Chinese people QKA, xiaosaGe, shuadapai and 2 Mongolian dobu and kabal in the team. Recently, 5Power has been in a mediocre state. In the SLI season 6 Asian qualifiers, they lost to GOSU in two consecutive games and only came to the place of 9-12. In the IEM Chicago Asian Qualifiers, they lost to FG and the Japanese team SCARZ in 5-6.


The promotion of 5Power in this eXTREMESLAND qualifier was relatively easy. With a big score of 2-0 in two games, they easily defeated Dynasty and IMBA.SAS and successfully advanced to the semi-finals without encountering too many obstacles. We really hope that 5Power can sweep away the haze of the previous period and have a wonderful performance on this offline Final Four of China area. 

The current team lineup of 5Power


Team Overview: Ehome

The Ehome team has been growing and improving since its establishment. After leasing the FG's Karsa as the commander & coach, their strength has been greatly improved and their overall level has reached the forefront of the country. Earlier in the SLI season 6 Asian qualifiers, Ehome not only double-killed the Japanese team SCARZ, but also defeated south Korean formidable rival GOSU. Although they failed to qualify for CyberZen and BOOT, the Ehome also showed their strong competitiveness.


In this eXTREMESLAND competition, due to T.yloo's temporary withdrawal, Ehome only needs to compete with Strong and t3Kipper who advanced out of auditions for a place in the Final Four. Without the biggest opponent, Ehome undoubtedly got tickets for the offline Final Four with two score of 2-0. It is worth looking forward to the amazing performance of Ehome in the offline competition.

The current team lineup of Ehome:


The offline Final Four of this eXTREMESLAND composes of China's top CSGO teams. Which team will be the King of the ring and fight on behalf of China against their formidable rivals of Asia? It’s magical to see.

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