The eXTREMESLAND CS:GO China Finals Came To An End Successfully, 5Power Won The Championship

From: 官方 Writer:eXTREMESLAND Time:2018-09-18

Sponsored by ZOWIE GEAR, and with the great supports of B5 E-sports, B5 Battle Platform, MLOONG Computer and JD GAME+, the eXTREMESLAND CS:GO China Finals came to an end on September 16th at B5 E-sports of Suzhou Flower Center Successfully! After six BO3 fierce confrontations, 5Power triumphed and defeated the defending champion Flash Gaming and won the championship in China!


The warm atmosphere before the game

Before the start of the game, there was an exciting opening ceremony. The four top teams appeared in turn, signed up on the signature wall and took photos together to show their belief in winning.


FG completed the reorganization, want to defend!

The scene of FG defeated Eclipse by 2-1 to win the championship in the eXTREMESLAND Asian Finals is still vivid! In the blink of an eye, the eXTREMESLAND CS:GO game has been held until the third! In the previous two games, the Chinese team always won the championship. It can be said that CS:GO of China has shown strong dominance in Asia! At present, the defending champion FG has just experienced the reorganization and the new team also made its first appearance with good performance. Although they just made the second place in the competition, they still qualified for the Asian Finals and took the first step of defending.


Giving a full play, new king 5Power would wear the crown

FG, standing out from the loser group, would compete against 5Power in the Finals. In their first contest, 5Powe defeated FG by 2-0 and kicked them into the failure group. Now having experienced the various competitions of the failure group, FG would compete against 5Power again. Whether Can it "revenge" successfully? We would see.

Rival maps BP:

FG chose the map Dust2 that they once previously lost unexpectedly, while 5Power chose the map of Mirage, and the key map was Cache.

Threatening but not dangerous, 5Power defeated FG by 2-1


On the first map Dust2, 5Power was the defender. Although 5Power lost the Pistol game in the first round, they managed to be victorious in the second round and took the momentum into winning streak. FG’s attack was invalid and 5Power took the huge lead by 11-4 in the first half. Both sides continued to maintain mutual success and failure in the second half, temporally FG won the victory in this battle and forced 5power into ECO. Due to the big deficit in the first half and the continuous victory of 5Power in the two rounds of long gun game , FG lost to 5Power on the score of 16-10.


      On the second map Mirage, 5Power once took the lead by 8-4, but FG finally managed to equalize to 8-7 in the first half and then 5Power just took the weak advantage. Although 5Power won the Pistol game after changing their positions, they still failed to prevent the attack of FG whose offensive performance was remarkable. In the end, 5Power lost to FG on the score of 13-16, which led to a 1-1draw.


It was expected that a fierce competition would arose on the key map Cache. However, the performance of 5Power was bloody good like being helped by god, which led to the dominant 11-0 start, directly declaring their final victory. 5Power’s rock solid defensive display made FG’s attack became a wild goose chase, and 5Power took the huge lead by 13-2 in the first half. FG lost the Pistol game in the second half and lost their hope to find an equalizer. Finally, 5Power defeated with a huge advantage of 16-3 and won the championship of China Finals!

While FG lost the Finals, they still got access to tickets for Asia Finals.  At that time, they will team up with 5Power in the name of China to compete against their formidable counterparts of Asia, contending for the titles of Asia Finals in Shanghai in October.


Powerful teams gather for the titles!

Almost top five CS:GO powerful teams of China took part in the this eXTREMESLAND China Finals. Although it was regretful that TYLOO quit the game due to the Major’s schedule conflict, the whole process of competition was completely marvelous intense. Simultaneously, the whole game was broadcast live on the major four platforms of Huomao TV, Douyu TV, Huya TV, and Egame, which gave the audience a good experience.


The eXTREMESLAND CS:GO China Finals has come to an end, but not the demise. It is expected that a much more fierce CS:GO competition will be brought by sophisticated teams from all over Asia in Shanghai in September.

We will witness the birth of another legend in Shanghai in October!