E-sports is the favorite among young people in Dubai

From: Beijing News Writer: Time:2018-09-21

The two-day 2018 eXTREMESLAND CS:GO Asian Open Middle East qualifiers came to an end in Dubai. After the interview, the Beijing News journalist visited the Last Resort game zone in Dubai and saw the different e-sports zone from the domestic ones.


Dubai’s temperature is high all year round, with an average of 40 degrees Celsius in summer and the surface temperature can be up to 60 degrees Celsius. There are not many recreational activities here. "In addition to bowling, shopping, and playgrounds, it is the e-sports." said the owner of the Last Resort game zone. In Dubai, e-sports is the favorite of young people, and children of 13-year-old can also be allowed to participate. The owner said," we don’t have much choice on recreational activities here. Parents are more willing to let their children go to e-sports zone instead of letting them play outside. " There are only seven professional e-sports zone in Dubai. The environment of Last Resort is one the best.



Water-cooled computer case of at least 50,000 RMB

The Last Resort is located in a quiet alley with a not very big and conspicuous facade. But in front of the door is full of luxury cars like Ferrari and Lamborghini. Into the building, you will find that there is a great contrast between the appearance and the inside. More than 80 seats in the 200-square-meter house are full of young people who are playing steam and CS:GO.

High-end display and water-cooled computer case are all around in the building. The ZOWIE GEA e-sports display dedicated to the professional competition level will cost more than 4,000 RMB. The water-cooled computer case will at least cost 50,000 RMB. Domestic e-sports zone can rarely have such high configurations.

The game zone owner is a Dubai native, who wears a white robe and is very low-key. He told the journalist that this game zone has been in business for a long time. These top level equipment is not in the buying list at first. Once, a member complained to the him that the computer configuration was too low to have a good game experience. The owner is also an e-sports enthusiast. He said, "I know well about the importance of e-sports equipment for those who love e-sports." He immediately replaced all the equipment of the game zone with the best. Equipment in the domestic e-sports will be replaced by batch and area. But Dubai e-sports owners are different from the domestic ones. they will not consider too much about markets and the return on investment because Dubai natives are very wealthy,. “We want all members of the e-sports to have the best experience,” said the e-sports owner.



The kitchen investment of 700,000 dollars.

The Dubai E-sports zone will provide meals as well as domestic Internet cafes, but most E-sports zone can only provide fast food, hamburgers, French fries, sodas, etc. The owner of the Last Resort game zone takes great value on meals. "I am also a foodie, so I know how happy it is to eat a delicious meal while playing games." said the owner.

The owner invested $700,000 in the kitchen. This game zone features a dedicated kitchen, professional chefs, food cabinets and a dedicated dining venue. When customers are tired of playing games, they can go to the dining venue to get free coffee and snacks. The chef here is available on your special request if you desire something to eat.

The owner gave a definitive answer as to whether the e-sports was profitable. The game zone has a daily attendance rate of 90%. Everyone is willing to spend here because they recognize the food here. Therefore, the Last Resort game zone is in good status of operation. "I don't want to make a living in the e-sports, but I still hope that the e-sports industry in the Middle East will develop better." The owner believes that the development of the e-sports industry in the Middle East is not good enough. He hopes that there will be more competitions in Dubai like China and South Korea and make Dubai's e-sports to become a mature industry.


Say no to the sweaty.

In Dubai, men and women cannot be in close contact in public. In the bus and subway, there are separate compartments for men and women. But in this e-sports, there is a little girl wearing a black robe who is very happy playing CS:GO with a boy right by her side. The journalist asked the owner why there was no male or female division. He said, "The love of e-sports is gender-neutral. So we don't divide men and women. Women will choose our game zone if they are not so conservative."

Unlike many other e-sports, the Last Resort game zone “choose customers”. Those who are sweaty, and messy and want to smoke, will be turned away. “I think that people who just finished playing basketball and have a taste are not respectful of e-sports and will affect the game experience of other customers. So we will keep these people outside.” The e-sports owner said. Members became more and more because of the strict standards. 


18 RMB per hour

In Dubai, e-sports zone and Internet bars are entirely different. The e-sports owner said, “the e-sports zone is a special place to play e-sports, and Internet bar is available for office and watching videos, live broadcasts, etc.” After all, Internet bar is not equipped with high-standard machines like e-sports.

       Why don't people choose to surf the Internet at home? The network fee in Dubai is very expensive. It turns out that network fee in Dubai is very expensive. Normally, a monthly network fee of 10 megabytes of bandwidth need to cost 500 to 600 dirhams, which is equivalent to more than 1,000 RMB. And the monthly network fee of 100 megabytes of bandwidth is as high as 20,000 RMB. The network in Dubai is not suitable for e-sports players. The pin value here will be around 130. However , the highest value of the game pin is thirty or forty in China. Therefore, the e-sports zone is the best choice for these players.

      In Dubai, Online game players spend an average of about 12,800 RMB per month. The e-sports zone with the best equipment costs 10 dirhams per hour, which is equivalent to only 18 RMB. Compared with other e-sports zones in Dubai, this price is quite normal, and it is similar to the price of the domestic e-sports zones. The journalist asked the e-sports owner why the e-sports zone was so cheap, he said, “I am committed to providing the best environment for children who love e-sports. Good equipment is the basis, so I will not raise the price due to equipment problems.”