5Power compete against D13 in the first round, 2018 eXTREMESLAND CSGO Asian Open grouping announced

From: 官方 Writer:eXTREMESLAND Time:2018-10-13

With the end of eXTREMESLAND finals in Japan on September 30th, the three-month-long eXTREMESLAND CSGO Asian Open qualifiers were all over. Then a list of 16 teams from 15 regions covering almost all of Asia was released. Two Chinese teams, 5Power and Flash Gaming, are on the list. Other teams include Australia's Chiefs, South Korea's MVP.PK, India's Optic india, Indonesia's XCN, Malaysia's FrostFire, Philippines' TNC, Middle East's NASR, Mongolia's D13, Singapore's BOOT.DS,Taiwan's Sad Story, Thailand's Beyond, Turkey's Royal banter, Vietnam's Revolution and Japan's SCARZ Absolute. All these 16 teams will gather in Shanghai from to contend for a title of Asian Finals on behalf of their own divisions.


The first battle will witness a fierce competition between the Chinese champion team 5Power and the Mongolian powerful team D13, while the SCARZ representing Japan's glory in the field of CS:GO will confront the NASR which qualified from Dubai in the first round. The highest-ranked team in this tournament is undoubtedly the MVP.PK who recently won the IEM Chicago Asian qualifiers.PK, and they will fight against the Vietnam team Revolution in the first round.

Under the rule of double elimination, the 16 teams in this Asian Finals are divided into 4 teams, with the upper bracket BO1 and the lower bracket BO3. The first two teams in the group will advance to the top 8 knockout match. The top 8 will adopt single-elimination of BO3 and finally decide the championship team.

The specific grouping and the first round of the schedule are as follows:


More event information is available on the official website of eXTREMESLAND: http://www.extremesland.com/